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Turning 65 and what that means for you?

Turning 65 is a criticaltime in your life where you decide if you’re going to stay with your company sponsored health plan or join a Medicare Advantage plan, or purchase a Medicare Supplement plan. Many of the choices you make regarding your health benefits will determine your experiences regarding your health treatments. Many people often fall under three categories in regards to their Medicare choices.

  • Seniors who are under a company sponsored or government plans such as Tri-Care or certain union plans, often decide to stick with their group plans for the benefits that are associated with these plans. These people often purchase vision and dental plans independently.
  • Seniors who are on a tighter budget and don’t have access to a company or government sponsored plan often choose a Medicare Advantage plan so that they can receive their Part A and B and prescription Drug plan bundled together. With these plans customers will still see co-pays and deductibles that they have to pay out of their pocket.
  • There are also people who are interested in the freedom to travel within the united states and see any Medicare participating doctors they like. These seniors often choose to stay with traditional Medicare and purchase a Supplement plan. These plans afford the customer more freedom with their providers. It also greatly reduces the co-pays and deductibles. In some cases these plans will pay 100% of their co-pays and deductibles.